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    Digitizing the Fashion Value Chain; Exclusive Conference in Vietnam Co-hosted with SAP Vietnam, Abeo International and LEFASO

Published Date: July 24, 2019

Note: This article has been updated since its original publication to include latest information.

The fashion and lifestyle industry has undergone a radical transformation over the last 20 years. The market today requires new capabilities and technological knowledge.

As these new set of challenges affect the entire fashion value chain; all the way from sheep to shop, the question remains - how can fashion companies re-align themselves to drive agility and responsiveness across manufacturing, wholesale and retail operations?

attune in collaboration with Abeo International with the support of SAP and Leather - Shoes - Bags Vietnam Association (LEFASO) have partnered together for an exclusive conference "DIGITIZING THE FASHION VALUE CHAIN" to explore how companies in the apparel, footwear and accessories industries can navigate this complexity and grow in the digital era. 

To be held in Saigon Intercontinental Hotel District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on the 7th August 2019, the conference will focus heavily on the digitization of the Fashion Value Chain - covering key areas such as overcoming barriers to value chain transformation, benefits of investing in new digital technology and how businesses can simplify business processes to run faster in a digitally connected world. 

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The agenda for the event:

  • Global trends that are shaping the face of the Fashion Industry
    Understand the disruptive forces that are changing the face of fashion and challenging the core elements of the industry as we know it today. What will this mean to your organization and how do you prepare to adjust to these market dynamics?

  • Forge your digital transformation path
    How do you digitally transform your fashion business to keep up with the changes? Where do you get started and how will it impact your organizational performance? 

  • Digitizing Vietnam; SAP’s mission
    How SAP is enabling digitize Vietnam one customer at a time; learn about its mission and how SAP can help your organization.

  • Digital Innovators: Stories from early adopters
    Innovators are embracing digital technologies early and are driving change across their organizations. How are they making the move? We've delve deeper into their transformation stories.

Join us at the event to see how peer companies are addressing the same challenges you're facing, network with peers and learn from experts in the industry. For registrations, please contact: philip.kuruvilla@attuneconsulting.com

Event Recap: Highlights

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