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    Newsroom Update

    Global Brands Group and The Rockport Group Recognized by the Annual SAP HANA® Innovation Award

Published Date: April 20, 2017

Our customers, Global Brands Group and The Rockport Group were recently recognized for their innovative use of the SAP HANA platform by SAP HANA® Innovation Award 2017, an initiative designed to recognize the extraordinary ways customers and partners are winning in the digital economy using SAP Platform and Technology solution.

Global Brands Group and The Rockport Group recognized by SAP HANA® Innovation Award 2017

Global Brands Group

Global Brands Group Holding Limited (GBG) is one of the world’s leading branded fashion accessories, footwear, and apparel companies. It designs, develops, markets and sells products under a diverse array of owned and licensed brands and a wide range of product categories on a global scale.

GBG’s sales teams engage in an ‘initial buying’ process with their customers to determine the demand at an early stage. This initial demand is passed onto production teams for procurement. The sales and purchase order information is then posted to SAP. This entire process was being handled via spreadsheets and multiple home-grown systems. To simplify this process, GBG introduced a custom built application on SAP HANA, and SAP Fiori/UI5 – the Initial Buy Tool (IBT).

Learn more about The Initial Buy Tool, that enables procurement for both fashion and replenishment merchandise and provides complete visibility across supply and demand.

The Rockport Group

Home to an impressive collection of men’s and women’s footwear brands, Rockport Group recently experienced a significant change in ownership; the companies Rockport Shoes, Cobb Hill, Aravon and Dunham was being carved out of their previous parent organizations to form one, independent company. This required a digital transformation to revitalize the Rockport brand and become more relevant to changing consumer demands of the omni-channel world. 

The company banked its Digital Transformation journey on the SAP HANA® platform with solutions such as SAP Fashion Management, SAP Customer Activity Repository(CAR) and SAP Hybris® forming one, integrated platform for seamless omni-channel operations. The solution includes a real-time view of inventory across all channels; enabled by SAP HANA® and SAP CAR which forms the backbone for Rockport’s omni-channel operations.

Learn more about their SAP HANA story here.

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